Emergency Care

We really hope you never need us on Emergency. But if you do, we'll be there. PenMar Equine ensures there is always emergency coverage. If ever Dr. Nusbaum and Dr. Chavent are unavailable, we enlist the help of some other local practices to make sure you are never without care. The following situations constitute an EMERGENCY, and  you should contact PenMar Equine if they are to occur:

  • Colic

  • Sudden onset tearing/squinting/cloudiness of one or both eyes

  • Lacerations

  • Chokes

  • Fevers over 102F

  • Non-weight bearing lameness

  • Obvious fractures or injury

  • Dystocia (trouble foaling or foaling lasting > 1 hour)

  • Retained placenta (placenta still inside the mare longer than 1 hour after foaling)

  • Sudden neurologic status

IF you are ever uncertain if you have an emergency, please call us and we can decide together! Be ready with a cell phone that takes pictures that you can send- the doctors love those!