Welcome to PenMar Equine’s online pharmacy, Vets First Choice. This site enables us to have direct access to your horses prescription, allowing for fast, easy delivery. All you have to do is order the medication and the approval comes straight to us. No need to wait for a third party online approval or pick up a paper prescription. Sign up for automatic delivery and your horses medication will be sent right on time, without having to remember to order a refill. Easy and convenient, which is always our goal for our clients.

About Our Online Pharmacy

Our online pharmacy is devoted to bringing you safe, quality, and original products straight from the manufacturer to your door step.


User-friendly shopping and checkout

Monthly coupons for discounts off our already-low prices

Auto-shipment of diets and prescription refills – and all auto refills are shipped free!

Safe, top quality products that are handled with care


On our online pharmacy we sell the same safe, effective products, obtained from the same manufacturers and distributors as the products we sell in-clinic. Because products are shipped direct to you and we don’t have to carry the inventory in clinic, we are able to offer much lower prices online.

Our products carry all of the manufacturers’ original guarantees and have been properly handled at each step, from manufacturing to arrival at your home.

Manufacturers tell us that they do not sell to pharmacies that are not affiliated with a veterinary clinic. This means that non-veterinary stores are selling diverted product. Diverted product is generally not guaranteed by the manufacturer, and no manufacturer approves of the sale of diverted product.



A product is “diverted” when it is obtained through means that are not approved by the manufacturer. Many online stores purchase and resell product from veterinarians or unapproved distributors, who did not obtain the product directly from the manufacturer. Diverted product may be counterfeit, expired, or handled and stored improperly, and it is not guaranteed by the manufacturer.

Products sold at our online store are never diverted. They are the original, safe products, properly handled and stored, and obtained directly from the manufacturer or a manufacturer-approved distributor.