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First Aid Recommendations

Normal Vital Parameters include:

Temperature 99F - 101.5F

Heart Rate 28 beats per minute up to 44 beats per minute

Respiratory Rate 12-20 breaths per minute

All of these constitute an emergency in our practice. These should be seen (or speak to the on-call vet) before normal business hours:

  • Colics that do not respond to a brisk handwalk over 15-20 minutes

  • Chokes that are not resolved within 15-20 minutes (call and we may be able to give advice over the phone, some may still resolve)

  • Full thickness lacerations of the skin (can part the margins of the skin)

  • Eye issues especially wounds around the eye, holding the eye shut, obvious injury to the eye, swollen eyelids etc

  • Fevers over 104F

  • Obvious fractures

  • Liquid diarrhea

  • Acute, very painful laminitis

  • Foaling not progressing within 15-20 minutes

  • Retained Placentas in foaling mares

These are issues that should likely be seen within 24 hours:

  • Fever over 102F

  • Off feed, no interest in eating

  • Walking lameness (with no history of injury)

  • Most laminitis cases

  • Swollen, painful distal limbs (legs)