One of the most common procedures we perform at PenMar Equine is Dentistry. We believe in providing professional, complete dental care to each of our patients. Through a combination of hand and power floats, we ensure each of our patients receives the best in dental care.  At PenMar, we use sedation dentistry, meaning your horse will be properly restrained to allow complete and thorough exam of the back of his mouth. Oftentimes, horses that are unsedated will maintain sharp points and hooks on the very back teeth of the mouth, causing pain, ulceration and sometimes unwanted behavior issues. Some of the most commonly missed areas include the outside or buccal aspect of the last upper molars (111/211) and the caudal aspect of the last lower molars (311/411). Although it may seem less stressful for the horse to be unsedated for this procedure, it may actually not allow for a proper floating. 

**Note: It is illegal for non-veterinarians or non-licensed veterinary technicians to sedate your horse. Please do not allow anyone to sedate your horse that is not a veterinary professional. 

Click through the pictures below to see some challenging dental cases.

MYLES HOPTON, EqDT (Consulting) 


Certified Equine Dental Provider/Graduate of the American School of Equine Dentistry

At times, there are dental cases that exceed the expertise of Dr. Nusbaum. For complicated molar or incisor abnormalities or even chewing issues, we depend on the consultation of Myles. Dr. Nusbaum and Myles have an solid working relationship, having met while Dr. Nusbaum was practicing in Middleburg, VA. Myles is a very thorough and thoughtful equine dental technician, never practicing outside the scope of his profession. Having Myles as a consultant reduces the need to refer complicated cases when on the farm care is an option. Check out his Facebook page here- Pegasus Equine Services. Read about the certification process for equine dental providers here

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