Our practice offers several advanced imaging modalities which are all portable. Digital radiography allows instant viewing of orthopedic concerns on the farm. Prepurchase exams with X-rays are efficient as well with our system. In addition, our new Sonosite Ultrasound system is perfect for everything from reproductive work to soft tissue imaging. Finally, a new addition to our team is the brand new 3 meter gastroscope. This system now eliminates the need to travel to referral for diagnosis of common stomach ailments including the most common- gastric ulcer disease. 

Images from all of these exams are available to the owner digitally- just ask!

Click through the pictues below to see some examples of all three imaging modalities. 

Digital Radiography and Ultrasonography


Since offering gastroscopy, we have been more accurately able to diagnose gastric ulcer disease. There are several benefits to scoping, but most importantly, we can grade the ulcerations and re-scope post treatment to assess response to therapy. In addition, scoping is crucial for horses that classically show symptoms but don't respond to short rounds of treatment therapy. See some of our most exciting cases/results below!

Upper Airway Endoscopy


This is a critical tool for diagnosing upper airway disease including (but not limited to) dorsal displacement of the soft palate (DDSP), artenoid chondritis, laryngeal hemiplegia (Roarers Disease) and pharyngitis (inflammation of the throat). For a horse that makes noise during exercise, chokes chronically, or even has chronic nasal discharge, this modality is incredibly useful.